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Vintage Mid Century Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Travel Shields Ireland Portugal Japan Berlin


Vintage Mid Century Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet. Charms include enamel travel shields.

  • Vintage Mid Century
  • Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
  • Charms include:
  • 1) Large charm marked Sterling Japan
  • 2) A pillared building marked Berlin.
  • 3) An enamel travel shield marked Blarney. (the back says J.M. Co)
  • 4) An enamel travel shield marked Ireland. (the back says Made in Ireland and some other things I can't make out)
  • 5) an Inuit man in winter wear and snow shoes
  • 6) enamel travel shield marked Portugal 
  • 7) a little carriage (possibly some sort of sled)
  • 8) an enamel charm marked Lisbon (the back says Alpaca Potugal)
  • 9) a sailboat  (the back says L. Bach)
  • There is one charm missing between Blarney and Ireland
  • The bracelet is marked Sterling on the clasp and all of the charms have some sort of silver marking (with the exception of the man)

  •  See last photo for measurements

  • Each item shows only light, minimal signs of wear/age unless otherwise noted in the listing. Take a close look at all the photos! (but also keep in mind I used a very detailed close up lens so "flaws" will stand out more in the photos than they will when the item is seen in person.)

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