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Pewter Box with Man Prince and Eagle


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I wish I could explain what was going on with this box... If you know what the story is please message me!

This is a lovely pewter box with a nice curvy shape and petite legs. The inside is light blue fabric and there is a string to prevent the lid from flying backwards.

It measures about 7 inches tall (with top decoration and feet) and 6 inches wide
The box opening is about 5.5 inches x 3inches x 2.5 inches deep

Here's where things get... interesting? Attached to the top is a small brass man, who appears to be a prince (judging by his clothing). His body language is the epitome of bummed out... Like maybe he just got dumped by someone he was really really into? He has his arm around what appears to be a majestic eagle. If this was a Disney movie this would be his talking animal sidekick. The eagle is hopefully comforting him and reminding him that there are other fish in the sea.

So that's my interpretation and I am 100% sure it is incorrect.

It's still a really cool box!

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