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Bakelite Pendant Necklace in Marbled Olive Lime Green and Yellow


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Long necklace with egg shaped (or avocado shaped) marbled olive lime green and yellow bakelite pendant and light gold tone metal chain. The chevron shaped beads are not bakelite and have a slight iridescent quality. Very pretty over a high necked sweater or dress :)

  • Bakelite Pendant Necklace
  • Avocado Shaped Pendant
  • Marbled Olive Lime Green and Yellow
  • Non-bakelite Chevron Bead
  • Long Chain is about 26 inches 
  • Pendant is about 2.5 inches long

Each bakelite pendant necklace is tested with simichrome polish and shows only light, minimal signs of wear/age unless otherwise noted in the listing. Take a close look at all the photos! (but also keep in mind I used a very detailed close up lens so "flaws" will stand out more than they will while being worn.)