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Bakelite Memory Wire Bracelet Green Marbled


Classic Bakelite Memory Wire Bracelet in a Marbled Green color. There are small gold spacer beads in between the bakelite beads.

  • Bakelite memory wire bracelet
  • marbled green bakelite beads with gold spacer beads
  • simichrome tested
  • approx measurements green beads are 1 inch long
  • can fit a number of sizes due to the wire. However, I would say the size is equivalent to average bakelite bangle. If bakelite bangles are usually to small for your wrist then this will be too small as well.

All items show only light, minimal signs of wear/age unless otherwise noted in the listing. Take a close look at all the photos! (but also keep in mind I used a very detailed close up lens so "flaws" will stand out more in the photos than they will when the item is seen in person.)

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