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Bakelite Bangle Bracelet Very Wide Olive Green Cuff


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This is a super wide bakelite bangle bracelet cuff in a lovely olive green! Seriously never seen one this wide :) About 2 inches! Some color variation as it gets a little lighter towards the edges as can be seen in the photos.

This is a big bakelite bangle bracelet with lots of real estate so there are some scratches. See last photo for most notable scratch. These do not detract from the awesomeness of this giant bangle. Price based on condition.

  • Extra Wide Bakelite Bangle Cuff
  • Olive Green Color
  • Nearly 2 inches wide
  • Opening is 2.5 inches

Each bakelite bangle bracelet is tested with simichrome polish and shows only light, minimal signs of wear/age unless otherwise noted in the listing. Take a close look at all the photos! (but also keep in mind I used a very detailed close up lens so "flaws" will stand out more than they will while being worn.)

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