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Bakelite Bangle Bracelet Marbled Mississippi Mud Peanut Butter Large Size


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Delicious mississippi mud marbled bakelite bangle that reminds me of dessert :) The color of this bakelite bracelet is sort of a caramel, peanut butter chocolate combination. 

Faint green spot on bakelite bangle can be seen in the last photo

  • Marbled Bakelite Bangle
  • Mississippi Mud, Peanut Butter, Caramel Color 
  • About a quarter inch wide
  • Most bakelite bangles that I encounter have a 2.5 inch opening but this one is slightly bigger (see 2nd to last pic)

Each bakelite bangle bracelet is tested with simichrome polish and shows only light, minimal signs of wear/age unless otherwise noted in the listing. Take a close look at all the photos! (but also keep in mind I used a very detailed close up lens so "flaws" will stand out more than they will while being worn.)

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