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Hi! I'm Amanda, owner of Brooklyn based online shop, Diamond Dust Vintage. DDV is here to bring you vintage objects, jewelry, and accessories to mix and mingle with your modern collection.

I can pinpoint exactly when my love of vintage began. I was in 3rd grade when my Dad received the news that his elderly aunt Mary Frances had passed away and that she left her home and everything in it to him. I know this sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale and it did kind of feel that way to 8 year old me. I got to miss school for a few days while my parents and I drove a U-Haul from Jacksonville Florida down to Delray Beach.

What we found inside the home was a huge mess with a lot buried treasures. Aunt Mary Frances had once lived with a few roommates- in my mind they were just like the Golden Girls! The other women had passed away years before so my parents were left with the possessions of 3 fabulous ladies to contend with. 

To me this sounds like a dream but to them it was a huge hassle. However, we all agreed that there were some amazing finds in that place. To this day the majority of my favorite vintage items belonged to Aunt Mary Frances. Among my most valued possessions are an antique candlestick phone that someone converted into a lamp and her fabulous vintage jewelry collection. 

Oh how I would love to go back there with my adult eyes and sort through her belongings all over again. Now, with Diamond Dust Vintage I am able to relive this childhood event almost every weekend at the estate sales I frequent. Of course this could turn into a hoarder situation really quickly so I release (most of) my finds out into the world for fellow vintage kindred spirits to scoop up.