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The Indoor Garden: a cure for the Winter blehs

As someone who grew up in Florida I must admit that I have a hard time with these New York Winters.

Frigid winds? nope

Complete darkness by 5pm? Ugh

Icy grey slush? Ew

vintage plantersOne way to combat the intense bleakness is to bring the outdoors inside with an indoor garden. This can mean huge leafy plants that reach toward the ceiling, lots of little potted plants scattered throughout your home, or a collection of succulents in your window.

My indoor garden consists mainly of window hangers and a few small plants on a high shelf. The reason for this is twofold- I have to keep all tempting crunchy leaves out of reach of my cat and close to the only light source in my loft style apartment- one huge window.

I do have one big leafy plant that is just a visitor- he's an estate sale find who will soon end up at my husband's studio in the Financial District. Thankfully, our cat hasn't shown much interest in him....

As you can see from my photos, which were taken on a snowy day, my Brooklyn neighborhood is rather industrial. In the warmer months Bushwick is vibrant and bustling with the lack of greenery being replaced by colorful street art and even more colorful people. However, many of us choose to brighten up our own spaces with a bit of foliage. I even put a faux palm frond in my windowless bathroom.

My indoor garden planters are a mixture of estate sale/thrift finds and modern pieces from Ikea and Anthropologie. Also, I am in love with my boob planter (on the shelf next to the globe) by local artist Group Partner. They are currently offering a similar style benefitting Planned Parenthood

If you want to start (or expand!) your indoor garden DDV has you covered. Click here to shop planters! 

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