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Our Urban Patio- Outdoor Space in Brooklyn

My Husband, David and I moved into our current apartment in late Fall of last year (2018). We are now first time homeowners in a wonderful Mid Century co-op in South Brooklyn. The apartment is a cute one bedroom and I plan on doing more blog posts showing how we've transformed the place into our maximalist, thrifted dream home. But this post will focus on my favorite feature: our massive (by NYC standards) patio. Outdoor space in Brooklyn is incredibly elusive so a patio this size (approx 200 square feet) is almost unheard of! 

Since it was almost Winter when we moved in we prioritized other home projects throughout the colder months. But being a native Floridian I was dying to decorate and relax on our paradise in the sky (ok the 3rd floor). For the past few months I've found myself spending a lot of time on the patio (where I sit while writing this). I tune out the traffic the same way I tune out the rest of the NYC cacophony- by listening to podcasts with noise cancelling headphones. 

This is the only picture I took of the patio in it's "before state". The balcony/patio is long and thin so it's impossible to get the whole thing in one shot. The patio extends behind where I'm standing to take this photo. At the time of the photo that side was occupied by grimy white plastic patio furniture and a janky wind chime made of CD's. Overall, the aesthetic was astroturf with accents of city dust, feathers, and pigeon poop.

Here's the after!

The dirty astroturf has been covered with snap on wood flooring (ikea). We added a patio set that came with a loveseat, 2 chairs, and 2 side stables (Target). I was hoping to find a vintage patio set at an estate sale but due to outdoor space being tiny and mostly nonexistent it was proving difficult to find locally. I thought we might find some on our estate sale excursions to Long Island or New Jersey, but David pointed out it would be tough to fit that in our Prius. So we went with vintage inspired and comfy. Neither of us is crazy about the grey cushions so I bought Zebra outdoor pillows (Etsy) to liven things up. One day I intend to get the cushions covered in a fun, retro print.  Also we added a beautiful, colorful outdoor rug (Aelfie).

This is the other side of the patio where the grimy furniture once was:

The green wall is wavy aluminum that separates our patio from our next-door neighbor. Another project we'd like to do is either paint it another color or cover it wood paneling. Maybe we'll tackle that next Spring... The hanging pendant lamp is from Wayfair. It was tough to find an outdoor light that could be plugged in rather than hardwired, but I think this one fits the vibe. It is plugged in to the only outlet on the patio so I've supplemented with LOTS of solar lights and candles. The trellis is from Ikea. There is one on each end with 2 Sweet Autumn Clematis plants on each one. These plants are perennials that bloom white flowers in the Fall. Fingers crossed I keep them alive that long! I already had to start one over from scratch due to something called clematis wilt

Dining chairs are from Target, the tabletop is from Ikea (we attached hairpin legs). This table was left behind by the previous tenant of our loft apartment. We used it as a dining table in the loft. Now, after weather treatment it makes the perfect outdoor dining table/plant care station/outdoor workspace. The blue cart is from ikea and stores extra candles and plant supplies. There are lots of plants all over the patio. The planters (and some plants too!) are mostly second hand from estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales, or ebay/etsy. 

 Keeping scrolling for more pics!

I try not to worry about how all these plants will fit in my apartment (with the additional challenge of keeping them away from the cats) once Winter comes...

Flamingo solar light, Owl (to scare away the pigeons!), and clematis plants (the one on the right was the victim of clematis wilt, but is expected to grow back.) The blue bottle has a string of solar lights inside.

There's a Mid Century Salterini lily pad table on each side of the loveseat. The pair was a steal on Ebay!

I'm so stoked to have a use for this gorgeous Mid Century cast iron candle holder! I hoarded it for a long time not knowing if I would ever a place for it. 

I love the gorgeous pink color of this succulent. Let's hope I don't kill it!

This succulent came from a cutting from my parent's yard. It's called Mother of Thousands due to the little flowers that grow in rows all over. Perhaps because they look like a bunch of little mouths to feed? Or a bunch of vaginas? Either way, I love this weird little plant!

 Bathing suit planter by Group Partner

The patio is covered so I can even enjoy the rain while sipping coffee and staying completely dry. I've seen 3 rainbows this week!

A fun flea market find that serves as a nod to Florida decor. 

 Al fresco dining ambience with candles and solar lights.

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