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Life Update: First Time Home Owners!

There are some big life changes going on here at DDV! We’re buying an apartment!

My husband David and I have been happily renting a loft apartment in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn for the past 2 years. Bushwick is definitely an exciting place to be and judging by the amount of tourists currently swarming the area this opinion is shared by many. There is tons of stuff to do around here- amazing restaurants, my favorite consignment clothing store (Beacon’s Closet!), and an eclectic mix of people. In fact, I am amazed by how much this neighborhood has changed since I moved to Brooklyn 10 years ago. My first New York apartment back in 2008 was a few blocks from where we live now and while I’ve bounced around Brooklyn for the past decade I was more than happy to return to Bushwick.

However, after many years of renting we have decided to take a stab at buying our own place! We love our Bushwick apartment but admittedly some of the “quirks” are getting a little too… quirky? But before I get into that I think it would be a disservice to the space not to mention the attributes. The best features of this apartment are the very high tin ceilings and the huge window that allows us lots of natural light. There's an amazing view from the rooftop too. The rainbow photo at the top of the post was taken there :)

My husband on the roof with the NYC skyline in the background

My husband, David on the roof with the NYC skyline behind him

Nice Big Window! That leafy plant in the foreground was rescued from an estate sale. It's doing much better now :)

Our one HUGE window. That plant in the foreground was rescued from an estate sale. It's doing much better now as seen in the image below :) 

The current plant collection (see how much better that big leafy plant is doing?)

Now for the downsides… As I mentioned above this is a loft apartment which means no walls. What this translates to is if my husband is awake then I’m awake too (and vice versa). Every little sound can be heard from all corners of the apartment. Also, this apartment has a total of 0 closets! We have a pretty great Container Store Elfa situation happening, but I’m ready to have my clothing not visible at all times- in fact we can’t hide anything ever. There is an upper loft space that is approximately 4.5 feet tall so while it makes an excellent storage spot for my packing supplies it is not the most comfortable area to access. My 6 foot tall husband avoids it altogether. The bathroom is a fairly good size by Brooklyn standards but the shower is smaller than a gym locker room shower. I’m ready for a bathtub in my life! Oh and all that natural light I mentioned before? It’s soon to be blocked by a six story hotel being built 20 feet outside our window! The construction noise in the early mornings has been a real treat and it’s only a matter of time until the construction workers are at window level (yikes!) This was the final straw in our decision to move.

Noisy Hotel Construction :( 

As you can imagine purchasing an apartment in the hippest part of Brooklyn ain’t cheap. After evaluating our budget we made the tough decision to move clear to the other side of Brooklyn! In Bushwick we would only have tiny shoeboxes of apartments available to us, but if we move further South our options really open up. We have our sights set on an apartment in Kensington with a patio, doorman, a bathtub, and walls! Wish us luck with the co-op board!

So what does this mean for DDV? Since we anticipate moving sometime in the Fall I did not renew my lease on my studio space. I loved my studio space on the Ridegewood/Bushwick border, but it would be too far to travel from Kensington. I moved half of my inventory into our apartment (things are feeling cramped to be sure!) and the rest is in storage. Starting in early September I will be rolling out new listings again. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @DiamondDustVintage to find out about new items as I add them! 

 The former DDV Studio Space

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