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DDV Show and Tell #1 - Amanda's Summer Jewelry

Vintage sellers are often asked about our personal collections with the assumption that we keep “the best stuff” for ourselves. This is not necessarily true! Afterall, “best” is in the eye of the beholder. With DDV Show and Tell I will share my favorite vintage finds as well as the occasional modern piece. I love to demonstrate how vintage and modern items can play well together!

Welcome to the first installment of DDV Show and Tell! This post will focus on my Summer jewelry collection.

I’m writing this in early August 2020, AKA the last month of the COVID pandemic “Bummer Summer”.  And WOW what a bummer it is! Like many non-essential New York workers I have been quarantined at home since mid March with only minimal contact with the outside world. For the most part I’m wearing all loungewear all the time and the sandals, sundresses, and swimsuits I optimistically bought at the beginning of quarantine will have to wait to make their debut Summer 2021 (if we’re allowed to leave the house by then!) My husband and I had many trips and events planned including a vacation to Mexico City, a family wedding in Massachusetts, and a family reunion in Florida that had to be cancelled. Unfortunately this also means I won’t have the opportunity to wear any of my fun Summer jewelry pieces this year. Of course, this is a small price to pay in the interest of health and safety, but it's one of many reminders that life is very strange right now. 

OK enough about that! 

I have been collecting costume jewelry since childhood. The majority of my collection is vintage but I'm completely indiscriminate about where I'll purchase jewelry, I've even bought bangles from an online plant shop! In the photos below you'll see a mix of vintage items acquired in many different ways (estate sales, gifts, family heirlooms, etc) and modern pieces as well. The photo above features my favorite Mid Century cool guy seahorse brooch and earring set, a family heirloom from my great aunt! The mermaid brooch is vintage JJ from eBay.

Scroll through for some beachy, juicy and vibrant pieces from my personal collection :)


A sampling of my vintage real shell jewelry collection. I have a large collection of shell jewelry, and shells from all over the world. While I love living in Brooklyn I find comfort in these little reminders of my Florida roots. Here's another version of the pink necklace from DDV's archives!

Vintage real coral shell and shell necklaces with modern baroque pearl necklace from one of my fave brands Machete Jewelry

Vintage lucite shell, confetti, and glitter clamper bracelets. Click here for a similar style (with matching earrings!) available in the shop

Modern leaf bangles from The Sill (where I also have a monthly plant subscription!) and vintage brass bamboo bangles with chippy orange enamel 

Modern pearl bracelet by Machete with vintage coral bracelet

Vintage fruit jewelry from the 1940s-1980s. This fruit necklace can be found in the shop!

Modern Venessa Arizaga shell earrings with vintage mermaid hoops

Modern lucite earrings by Machete (links here and here). One of the reasons I love Machete earrings are that they are somehow modern, timeless, and vintage inspired all at the same time. As someone who loves vintage and earrings, but has a low tolerance for the pinching discomfort of screw backs and clip ons (more vintage earrings for y'all!) Machete's lucite styles seamlessly integrate with my vintage early plastic jewelry pieces.

Vintage chain necklaces. The heart necklace is doubled sided with a palm tree on the other side. The iridescent blue is from a real blue morpho butterfly wing. Here's a similar one from DDV's archive

Actual Summer 2020 look: Overheating in an Uber wearing Chloe sunglasses (2nd hand from Beacon's Closet), Samantha Pleet face mask, and the above pictured Venessa Arrizaga earrings and Machete pearl necklace. Also pictured are my first attempt at home hair color since college, a shirt I tie dyed myself when I reached the "arts and crafts" phase of quarantine, and my attempt to hide my raggedy 6 month old haircut complete with awkward undercut grow out. 

Fingers crossed the Fall will be less of a bummer. I'm tentatively allowing myself to look forward to Halloween, even if we still have to wear masks (under costume double masks=extra safe right?) 

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